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Welcome to the AM Dressage Centre we do hope you enjoy your stay with us.  Here is some information and answers to some frequently asked questions.  If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to ask.



BIOSECURITY -  Whilst we do our best to prevent the spread of infections and disease please take steps to help minimise the risk, this could include taking you horses temperature and keeping an eye out for any abnormalities.


CANCELLATIONS - If you are unable to attend please let us know ASAP.  Please look at our Cancellation policy for more information, to view or cancellation policy please review our terms and conditions. 

DOGS - We would prefer dogs to be left at home.  If you have to bring them then we please ask that you keep them in the lorry and car park area.. not int eh indoor school and galley area.  Please can you keep them on leads at all times and that you clear up after them. 


FARRIER - If you need a farrier here are the details of the AM farriers that will be more tan happy to come to the rescue. 

Tom Quirk 07809 205134 Sam Phelps 07795 472348


FEEDING - We try to feed all the horses around 7am as not to create pandemonium and excessive door banging!!  If you are unable to do this or staying off site please ask a member of the Team who are more than happy to help. 


FIRE- In the unlikely event of a fire please alert a member of the team and congregate in the carpark at the front of the property.  We have a horse evacuation procedure so please do not try to move your horse and property.  Our Team will do everything they can to insure all property and horses are safe.


GALLERY - You are always welcome to use the gallery.  Help yourself to coffee and tea, watch the TV, and relax. Last one out in the evening turn all lights and heaters off please.


HAND GRAZING - Please feel free to hand graze in the area behind the indoor school.  Please do not go on the grass verges or other areas with your horses.


HATS - Riding and handling horses is very risky.  We advise all our clients to wear a hat when handling and riding their horses as they can be unpredictable in a strange environment. 


HAY/Haylage - We can also supply you with small bale haylage for £8.00 per bale. Please let us know in advance how many you require.


LOST PROPERTY - If you misplace or forget anything we have a lost property box in the office. If you find anything that as been misplaced please hand it to a member of the team.  

SHAVINGS - If you would more shavings in your stable you are welcome to purchase extra shavings from us at £8.00 per bale.


SHOWERS - If you are staying in your lorry and require a shower there in one located on the left-hand side of the farmhouse and another opposite the toilets in the indoor school. 

SMOKING - There are smoking areas outside the indoor school and gallery.  Please put you cigarette ends in the bins/ash pots provided.  No smoking on the yards, farmhouse or in the Hay barn!!


LESSON TIMES - Lesson times are posted on the information board in the foyer in the indoor school.  Please check for any changes.

SPECTATING - We welcome anybody to watch the lessons as it is a great way of learning.  If you are watching please keep quiet as it will disturb the lesson.  If you want a good natter please do so in our gallery!!


TOOLS - We have a few wheelbarrows, forks and brooms available during your stay. You are welcome of course to bring your own.


TOILETS -  We have toilets in the foyer of the indoor school and on the left hand side of the farmhouse.  Please do not flush anything other that toilet paper as it will break our water treatment plant.  There are sanitary bags and bins for you convenience.


TORCHES - We recommend you bring a torch with you when you stay with us.  We try to light up as much a possible but especially in the winter it is dark in the carparks.  If you need to borrow one ask the Team.

VET - If you need an on call vet we recommend B&W Equine Vets

01453 811867


VIDEOS - Videoing is a great way of making the most of your lessons please feel free to do so.  We ask however that you do not video our lecture demos and our horses being trained.


WARM UP - Please feel free to come into the teaching arena around 10 minutes before your lesson.  In this time please try not to disturb the lessons currently in progress and walk off the track.​

WASTE DISPOSAL - If you need to empty you black waste from your lorry please ask a member of the Team.  Please do not empty down the toilets as it will break our highly sensitive water treatment plant!!

WIFI - We live in a poor reception area and cannot ensure a good WIFI signal!!  If you need the internet you will need to bring a dongle! 

You can download a PDF by clicking here.



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