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Adam’s career started at the Talland School of Equitation at the age of 16. He left school and was offered a scholarship to train under Molly Sivewright and Pammy Hutton. This training course ended up being 14 years in duration!


During this time he passed all the BHS examinations, culminating in being awarded the Fellowship of the British Horse Society in 1995 having passed the gruelling 3 day exam. During this exam he was examined in teaching, coaching and riding at Grand Prix level. He was the second youngest candidate ever to pass the exam, and the only candidate ever to have passed the specialist Dressage section. This puts Adam into the elite band of teachers, of which there are only 50 worldwide.

During Adam's time at Talland he was involved in the training of literally hundreds of career students. His role was to train riders and coaches from all over the world, and has many former pupils in highly regarded teaching jobs. 

His expertise as a teacher extends to teacher training and he is highly regarded in this sphere, as well as that as a competition coach. 

Adam was also manager of Talland for a number of years. He has been in charge of 120 horses and some 40 career students at any one time. His knowledge of horse care and stable management is hard to rival. 

Adam’s competitive riding career began in eventing. He rode successfully up to advanced level, including three day events. He is still involved in the training of event riders for their dressage phase. His knowledge and experience in eventing keeps him in demand by the eventing fraternity. He coaches riders up to 4* level, and also helps Junior event riders with their dressage.


Of course, Adam is mainly renowned for his success as a dressage rider and a top dressage coach, trainer and teacher. As a rider, he has won National titles, competed many times Internationally, and has won and been placed at every level including International Grand Prix. He has ridden very successfully on many different horses, the majority of which have been trained by him from a young age. Adam did his first World cup qualifier in 1994, riding Crown Marcasite, a horse which had been trained by Adam from 4 years old. Since then he has trained many horses to Grand Prix level and competed them at International level.

In 2004 Adam decided to cut down his competition commitments to concentrate on his main love, that of teaching riders. He is from a family of teachers, so the ability to impart knowledge and support his pupils' learning is in his blood!


He has many pupils, some aspiring to the top of the sport, some striving to achieve more humble goals. However, Adam's commitment to them all is impressive. Each year, Adam regularly has around 100 pupils attending the British Dressage Regional Championships, and several of them qualify for the National Championships. His pupils’ levels range from Pony Club Area Trials right up to Grand Prix levels. In fact, in 2006, Adam's youngest pupil won the Pony Club National Dressage Championships, and his oldest got his first dressage point! Pupils of Adam have been members of British Under 21’s teams at European Championship level, again displaying the diversity of his clients’ ability and age range. However, Adam teaches less experienced riders with the same enthusiasm, recognising that everyone has goals they wish to achieve. 

Although Adam still has riding goals and aspirations of his own, it is the achievement of his pupils that is his main love. He has been lucky enough to train and learn from many top trainers in the world – including Georg, Monika and Inge Theodorescu, Henk Van Bergen and Kyra Kykland. This, combined with his knowledge of, and ability with, modern coaching techniques make him a highly competent teacher.

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